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The ECOTÉCNICA Technology and Consulting Ltd. was established in 1998 and since then has worked in the environmental segment and urban planning, positioning itself as an option for commitment, quality and ethics in the service of sustainable development.
This is a company consist of a multidisciplinary team including professionals in environment and planning, which seeks efficient and customized solutions for private and public institutions.

Among the services provided are:

• Licensing and Environmental Studies
• Special Studies
• Urban Design and Engineering
• Planning

Here are some of the services we perform:

Licensing and Environmental Studies: Management Plan, Preliminary Environmental Report - RAP, Neighborhood Impact Study - I'VE, Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA-RIMA, Environmental Control Plan - PCA, Environmental Programs Special Studies: Fauna Analyses, Geology Analyses and Percolation Tests, Phytosociological, Survey of Environmental Liabilities, Risk Analysis, Plan Environmental Conservation and the surrounding areas The Urban Projects and Engineering: Rehabilitation and Revitalization Project, Urban Design and Regularization, Landfill Project, Preparation of Programs Environmental Education and Communication, Preparation of Environmental Partner Program, Environmental Studies and Landscape Architectural, Architecture and Engineering Projects, Recovery of Degraded Areas Planning: Master Plan - MDPs, Plan for Housing and Land Regularization, Sanitation Plan, Plan for Water Resources Management, Plan for Solid Waste Management, Use and Occupancy Plan Watershed and Protected Areas.

Technical Team

In its projects, ECOTÉCNICA, seeks to provide a multidisciplinary team to cover all relevant aspects of the studies. In order for the work to be developed in a systematic way, the team is structured into groups bringing together the various specialties covered by the studies. The groups are divided by area of expertise.

However, the groups can also be formed in a "horizontal" form and trained to carry out planned activities, allowing the distribution of information between the various specialists, resulting in a uniform and consistent.


The company seeks to become a reference as a service provider in Brazil and abroad, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, combined with environmental responsibility.


We provide consulting services on environmental and urban planning, adopting a philosophy of work supported by the seriousness, commitment and punctuality in the execution of the work.


ECOTÉCNICA - Licenciamentos, Estudos Ambientais e Projetos Urbanísticos - Curitiba - PR